Parental Financial Responsibilities

We all know that raising a family is expensive, so naturally doing so without financial support from both parents is daunting for most single parents.

Truth be told, the amount of child support paid by the non-custodial parent represents only a small fraction of the overall financial demands of the custodial parent.  For example, for children not yet in school, the cost of daycare oftentimes consumes the entire amount of any child support being received by the custodial parent.  However, for many single parents, that small fraction of the overall cost of providing for a child full time could be the difference in the child missing a meal, having private healthcare, being able to have a tutor or participate in extra-curricular activities, or living in a safer neighborhood with better schools.  The stakes are high and it is the best interest of every child that single parents, legal professionals, and the state legislature are fighting for.

Many single moms and dads do defy the odds every day, and they must be applauded for their efforts. Unfortunately, those brave and persevering parents are the exception rather than the norm.  Therefore, the state of Texas is committed to ensuring that both parents participate in the financial support of their children and our legislature has put in place very serious consequences for those who insist on evading their parental financial responsibilities.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If you are not receiving your child support, the parent ordered to pay child support is likely violating a court order and you should contact the Attorney General or an experienced family law attorney to discuss your options.  There are several methods of enforcement available through the courts, including wage garnishment, jail time, and/or suspension of a drivers license or professional license.

If you cannot pay your child support, or your child is now living with you, you need to contact the child support office handling your case and request a modification of your child support obligations.