Services with Gordon Law

I must begin by explaining that I am very biased. I've come across Attorney Gordon through linked in and emailed her regarding my family law matter. She heard my case (for free) suggested reconciliation and sited aspects on both sides of the matter. She then expressed genuine interest in my matter by using active listening, remaining engaged and paraphrased. What's more, she challenged me by asking why I chose her. After my response (which regarded superficial and financial matters, my words not hers nor did she imply that). She affectionately explained that when a person is seeking counsel they should do more than look for an immediate solution. She then went on to explain that attorneys should not just capture a potential client's emotions and provide legal advise but should look at the best interest of all parties involved, ask probing questions to possibly mitigate and resolve the problem, provide insight to how a person is potentially affected by the process. She took her time with me, regardless of other matters she may be handling, as she is a busy attorney. Then challenged me to find my finances as well as recall other matters regarding my case so that we can revisit the matter in a few days. She did this all for free, claiming it as an initial consult, and asked me to provide her with a few windows where she can call me later for a follow up. This all won me over and has created my bias. I am a strong supporter of Attorney Gordon and her practice. I especially love the way she is constantly growing, learning more and giving to the public. She holds seminars, is active in the community and still makes time to review her matters.

January 20, 2016

– Marvin